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Feedback score: 81.88%

  Overall Past Month Past Year
90 2 78
3 0 2
16 1 15
unrated 866 32 760
Comment Item(s) Date
I ordered 25 Giant Milkweed seeds and received five. Not happy with this transaction. USA SELLER Giant Milkweed 25 seeds 01/13/2018
My experience was very positive. Spectacular Gardens really surprised me with their speedy shipping. USA SELLER Kinlochruel White Heather(Calluna Vulga 01/09/2018
Got all that I ordered, pleased with shipping time. will see if seeds sprout! USA SELLER Zonale F2 Mix Geranium 25 seeds, etc. 12/20/2017
I was very pleases with the service. I got my order in just a few days after I purchased my seeds. USA SELLER Cosmos Sulphureus orange 25 seeds, etc. 12/15/2017
Items as described. Order was well-packaged and received on time. I hope germination is successful. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds, etc. 12/14/2017
Mailed timely. Apple Blossom Clematis 10 seeds, etc. 12/01/2017
Products shipped quickly and items arrives well labeled. USA SELLER Angelonia Waterfall Mix 25 seeds, etc. 11/24/2017
Very good services. Order came quickly. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds, etc. 11/15/2017
Received thankyou USA SELLER Red Tiger Abutilon 10 seeds 11/15/2017
Answered my email promptly. Nicely packaged seeds Hoping the seeds are correct. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 11/06/2017
poor customer service charged full shipping but put less on postal service wants more money from me USA SELLER Heartthrob Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds, etc. 11/02/2017
Order has not been received as of 10/30/17. I notified seller and was told it would be resent. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 10/30/2017
Did not send the correct order USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds, etc. 10/29/2017
I ordered on the 6th of October and have NOT received my product yet. It is October 27th. Joseph's Coat Rose 10 seeds 10/27/2017
Items delivered on-schedule. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds, etc. 10/25/2017
Very fast international post. Thank you. USA SELLER Mkana's Giant Columbine Mix 100 seeds, etc. 10/24/2017
Very fast shipping. USA SELLER NuMex Twilight Ornamental/Edible pepper 10/18/2017
Got them fast USA SELLER Purple Palace Coral Bells 25 seeds 10/15/2017
Every tiny package arrived perfectly! 2+wks. delivery but the blossoms will be worth it! Thank You USA SELLER Begonia Tuberosa Yellow 10 seeds, etc. 10/12/2017
Fast, reliable service! thank you! Piilu Clematis 10 seeds 10/12/2017
Sent me 5 seeds of another plant USA SELLER Joe Pye Weed 100 seeds 09/27/2017
Waiting for delivery,once the goods have arrived we can see how great the seeds are, because of time Red Callaloo Amaranth 1000 seeds 09/24/2017
Super value USA SELLER Blue Foxglove 1000 seeds 09/21/2017
Received order quickly and all looks good. Can't wait to plant seeds come Spring. Thanks. USA SELLER Double Yellow Datura (Double Yellow Moo, etc. 09/18/2017
Items were received promptly & in good shape. Packaged well. USA SELLER Pink Foxglove 1000 seeds, etc. 09/18/2017
Received my seed in a timely manner as advertised. USA SELLER Kikyo Snowflakes Morning Glory 10 seeds, etc. 09/17/2017
Very happy USA SELLER Purple Double Flowered Datura (Purple D 09/07/2017
Pleased with order. Heather Queen Agastache Cana 10 seeds 09/04/2017
Thought I was ordering a small plant not seeds?? I hope at least one grows!! Apricot Queen New Zealand Flax (f1 Hybrid) 09/01/2017
Very happy with transaction. Shipped from US to UK quick and safe. Coleus Mix 50 seeds, etc. 09/01/2017
Looking forward to putting some heart and soul in my garden USA SELLER Blue Bleeding Hearts 10 seeds 08/30/2017
Was happy with the arrival of these seed. I already have a couple of the rainbow eucalyptus sprouted USA SELLER Eucalyptus deglupta, Rainbow-Tree, Rain, etc. 08/29/2017
Ordered on Aug 12, arrived on Aug 16. Too late to plant them here in zone 5, will update next year. USA SELLER Blue Emerald Creeping Phlox 25 seeds 08/24/2017
Excellent service - many thanks Pastel Mix Coneflower (Echinacea) 25 seeds 08/20/2017
Received the correct product in a very short time. USA SELLER Tye Dye Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds 08/19/2017
The product was exactly as discretion in brochure , I am well satisfied. USA SELLER Luna Rose Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds 08/15/2017
Got my seeds very fast , actually got more than advertised . Very pleased . Supreme Cantaloupe Coneflower Seeds (Echinacea) , etc. 08/14/2017
Seeds arrived in a timely matter. Our season is over so I will not be using them until next year. USA SELLER North Hills Creeping Phlox 25 seeds, etc. 08/13/2017
Prompt response USA SELLER Blue Bleeding Hearts 10 seeds 07/31/2017
Received item (exactly as ordered) very quickly. Nicely packaged. USA SELLER Nodding Onion Mix 20 seeds 07/27/2017
Very fast service and delivery. I have passed their website on to family and friends. Will use again USA SELLER Single Yellow Datura(Single Yellow Moon, etc. 07/17/2017
Took a little time but they arrived and are planted. Everything seems OK. Thank you. Firebird Coneflower (Echinacea) 25 seeds 07/17/2017
Have not received what I ordered USA SELLER Blue Bleeding Hearts 10 seeds 07/14/2017
I did 5 seed searches, you were able to supply 2 out of 5, that is good. thank you. USA SELLER Diana Pure White Rose of Sharon 10 seed 07/14/2017
Glad to find milkweed seed, as little left in the wild. Order was prompt and in good condition. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 07/10/2017
Didn't get seeds, it was just like it seemed to be dry grass USA SELLER Royal Empress Trees/Princess Tree 10 s 07/09/2017
Received my seeds very quickly and they sprouted within a week of planting! USA SELLER Kikyo Snowflakes Morning Glory 10 seeds 07/03/2017
Recd seeds...thanks USA SELLER Blue Chiffon Double Blossomed Rose of S 06/27/2017
I was very impressed with the timely delivery of my items. I hope that the seds come up. USA SELLER Blue Chiffon Double Blossomed Rose of S, etc. 06/27/2017
I have not received my order so far. Rue (blue/silver herb) 100 seeds 06/26/2017
I have never ordered from this merchant but the information was very thorough and easy. USA SELLER Scarlet Flame Creeping Phlox 25 seeds 06/21/2017
Order these a month ago, still have not received even after contacting seller. DO NOT BUY from here USA SELLER Moy Grande Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds 06/21/2017
Great Gothic Red & Black Rose 10 seeds 06/17/2017
Thank you for the prompt shipping and the gift! USA SELLER Blue Emerald Creeping Phlox 25 seeds 05/31/2017
Fast service. Joseph's Coat Rose 10 seeds, etc. 05/27/2017
An easy transaction and they arrived quickly USA SELLER Blue Bleeding Hearts 10 seeds 05/25/2017
Spectacular Gardens - 5/22/17 where are my seeds? USA SELLER Speckled Carnation 25 seeds, etc. 05/23/2017
Item received after a week. Everything was packaged well and came with instructions. Thanks. USA SELLER Red Sun Sunflower 20 seeds, etc. 05/22/2017
Great transaction. Already sprouting!! USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 05/20/2017
I ordered Red Amaranth and instead received Red Veined Sorrel. Notified seller and no response. USA SELLER Orange Giant Amaranth 100 seeds, etc. 05/19/2017
Positive USA SELLER Firefly Heather (Calluna Vulgaris) 25 05/17/2017
8 out of 10 seeds are germinating. USA SELLER Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds 05/15/2017
Fast shipping!! Sapphire Indigo Clematis 10 seeds 05/15/2017
So far so good all that I presoaked sprouted. Can't wait for the blooms.. USA SELLER Lavender Moonvine Morning Glory 10 see 05/14/2017
The threat of frost has me on hold.I believe the seeds will be OK,thank you. USA SELLER Blue Emerald Creeping Phlox 25 seeds 05/08/2017
seeds arrived timely and well packaged USA SELLER Blue Chiffon Double Blossomed Rose of S 05/04/2017
Quick serviceCan take up to 2 years to know if these are the correct seeds. USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 05/04/2017
EXCELLENTI WOULD NOT HESITATE TO USE THEM AGAIN USA SELLER Cherry Caramel Phlox 25 seeds, etc. 05/02/2017
Never received my order. USA SELLER Blue Emerald Creeping Phlox 25 seeds, etc. 05/01/2017
Havnt received coleus seeds... Need them yesterday.... Where are they??? Coleus Mix 50 seeds 04/30/2017
thank you! USA SELLER Scarlet Flame Creeping Phlox 25 seeds, etc. 04/30/2017
Quick and,easy checkout USA SELLER Scotch Heather (Calluna Vulgaris) 25 s 04/29/2017
fast delivery, happy with product Red Callaloo Amaranth 1000 seeds 04/27/2017
Received my order today, can't wait to plant them! Thank you!! Giant Sweet Granadilla Passion Flower 10 seeds 04/14/2017
Fast and accurate shipping...thanks!! USA SELLER Kochia Scoparia 50 seeds seeds, etc. 04/13/2017
As expected. No issues USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 04/08/2017
Delivered promptly as ordered Coleus Mix 50 seeds 04/04/2017
Price was good. I couldn't read much on item description. USA SELLER Starry Night Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds 04/03/2017
shipping was fast , will have to see if they grow! Triangle Flashback Calendula 10 seeds 03/30/2017
Very happy with purchase Princess Diana Clematis 10 seeds 03/28/2017
I planted the seeds, but they never came up. Not one of the 25 MILKWEEDS. Wildflowers did!! USA SELLER Desert Milkweed 25 seeds 03/26/2017
These seeds are very hard to find, and these are a great deal.Very happy with them! USA SELLER Purple Milkweed 25 seeds 03/16/2017
I received all of the items I ordered in a timely manner. Thank you! USA SELLER Spring Torch Heather (Calluna Vulgaris), etc. 03/12/2017
Already have sprouts on some of the seeds, and I've never had any luck growing flowers from seeds! USA SELLER Anise Hyssop(Agastache Mexicana blue) 1, etc. 03/07/2017
Ver y good USA SELLER Spineless Edible Prickly Pear Cactus 5 03/05/2017
Received seeds quickly USA SELLER Mandala Datura (Purple Triple Moon Flo, etc. 03/03/2017
Safe and easy checkout. And my seeds didn't take long to arrive. Firebird Coneflower (Echinacea) 25 seeds 02/26/2017
Fast Shipping! Very pleased with the seeds I received. Thank so much neighbor,Lee Ann USA SELLER Pacific RIm Gerbera Daisy 10 seeds 02/26/2017
easy payment options. USA SELLER Spider Milkweed 25 seeds 02/24/2017
Quick and easy USA SELLER Single White Rose of Sharon 10 seeds 02/24/2017
Tried to contact seller about false product. No peach datura exist. Want my money back but no reply. USA SELLER Peachtriple Flowered Datura(Peach Tripl 02/20/2017
Received seeds quickly. USA SELLER Pink Monarda Bee Balm 25 seeds, etc. 02/07/2017
Very smooth transaction and vendor was available and responsive to follow up questions. Jackmanii Clematis 10 seeds 02/03/2017
Shipped pretty fast. Tomato Soup Coneflower (Echinacea) 25 seeds, etc. 01/30/2017
Got everything I ordered quickly. USA SELLER Blue Emerald Creeping Phlox 25 seeds, etc. 01/19/2017
Fast service and look like viable healthy seed Piilu Clematis 10 seeds 01/18/2017
Easy check out. Red Callaloo Amaranth 1000 seeds 12/21/2016
Great USA SELLER Peachtriple Flowered Datura(Peach Tripl 12/14/2016
It was a quick delivery. USA SELLER Gerbera Daisy Mix 30 seeds 11/30/2016
Extremely Happy with my transaction! Product received in a timely manner and packaged very well. USA SELLER Luna Pink Swirl Hardy Hibiscus 10 seed 11/14/2016
Highly recommended. HEIRLOOM NON GMO Pink Viper's Buglosss (Echium Rus 10/22/2016
I cannot leave a Quarenty of Of the seeds I Purchased for i won't be planting them right away USA SELLER Poinsettia Amaranth 100 seeds, etc. 10/19/2016
Very disappointed never received my order ,,, am trying to find out why not would be grateful for he Tomato Soup Coneflower (Echinacea) 25 seeds, etc. 10/10/2016
Items arrived in a timely fashion.. planted per instructions on pack..hope they come up/grow. USA SELLER Blue Chiffon Double Blossomed Rose of S, etc. 10/04/2016
Great transaction, thanks for providing instructions on how to properly germinate the seeds. Sweet Autumn Clematis 10 seeds 10/04/2016
Would love more information about planting and growing USA SELLER Kopper King Hardy Hibiscus 10 seeds, etc. 09/21/2016
Couldn't find these seeds anywhere else. Fast shipping and good packaging! USA SELLER Green Apples Triple Flowered Columbine 09/10/2016
I received the seeds, all looks good. I can hardly wait to see the beautiful flowers. USA SELLER Shockwave Tall Lavender Phlox 25 seeds, etc. 08/30/2016
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